Thursday, December 20, 2007

BGD Holiday Giveaway # 8

Yesterday's winner ... Johnnynorms!! Another favorite blogger friend of mine, I love the way Johnny's mind works, and I just can't get enough of his blog. Go look at his work, lovely stuff.

For today's giveaway we bring you PURPLE! Sorry about the wacky color in this image, I assure you the pens are purple. In order to win this lot, my second to last one for 2007, all you have to do is name one cd from my top 20 of 2007.

Look here to find my list, One Really Killer Line.


kitty said...

In Rainbows by Radiohead

dodo said...

Can I Keep This Pen? by Northern State. Cool name. I'm from a Northern state. I would also like to have a purple pen. It's my favorite color :)

Andrea said...

Dodo wins the purple pen lot because she picked "Can I Keep This Pen?" and I think that's clever!!

Way to go dodo!