Thursday, April 21, 2011


Once again, in Claudia's Moleskine.


This is in Claudia Cinquegrana's Moleskine, not mine. It's the large Moleskine sketchbook, not the pocket. Claudia is one of the members in my 2011-2012 sketchbook exchange.

I decided that I was going to free myself from my insanity a little. What do I mean by that? When I started the daily doodle project earlier this year I made the decision to work in the pocket Moleskine sketchbook. Once that was decided it became a bit of a cage to me. I found myself wanting to work in other sketchbooks, but wouldn't allow it. Huh? Yeah, I'm crazy like that. In an effort to not stifle myself further I decided that a few doodles from this daily doodle project would be done in other sketchbooks and given away.

So I guess what I am saying it ... look, I'm a big girl now. Ha-ha. It's those little internal creative battles with self that make artists seem crazy, isn't it?