Friday, April 25, 2008

Moleskine Exchange 2008


We are on our way! Everything related to the moleskine exchange will now move to this blogger site.
BGD will resume its regularly scheduled madness on Monday.


The folks in red below have confirmed that they are in by emailing me
their addresses, a couple I already had. After I get your address I will send you an invite to be an admin on the blog.
You can post pics there, spin yarns, make it look all fancy, whatever you want.

I am still waiting for a couple of confirmations and unfortunately Majane had to drop out. I am accepting Jessie in her place! I added a link to Jessie below.

As soon as I know everyone is in and has gotten their books I will email you all the addresses and mailing order.
This is coming together quickly folks, thank you! Here is our list of participants.

1. Me ~ you are on my page!
2. Steve ~
3. Ammon ~
4. Johnnynorms ~
5. Willie B. ~
6. Mike Cline ~
7. Hanssolo ~
8. Jeannette ~
9. Ian R. ~
10. Michelle W. ~
11. Mary ~
12. Bagelboy ~
13. Jessie H.
14. Holding a space for William Shaff ~ He is considering it, I really hope he says yes!

I got more than 10, so I figure we will have 14 people and all do 7 pages each. That will leave 2 pages, is this okay with everyone? I would like to use the large sketch Moleskine. Here are a couple of links if you don't know where to get one.

Now, I will set up a new blogger page especially for this. I want to have it so everyone can post to it whenever they want.

What I need for all of you to do is send me an email at
confirming that you are in - FOR SURE! I know a couple of you had doubts, I understand! Be sure you want to do this. I will also need your mailing address to give everyone so they know where to send the books. As soon as I get confirmation that everyone has their Moleskine and is ready to go I will send you a link to become an admin member on this site.

THANK YOU ALL! This is going to be really fun.

Steve is in!!

Ammon is in!!

Johnnynorns is in!!

Three of my personal favorite bloggers are going to participate in the Moleskine Exchange, won't you?

Read posts below for more details and then leave a comment saying you will join us!


I am thinking of starting up a Moleskine exchange. Would any of you be in to that? My idea is we all buy a large Moleskine sketchbook, we fill up 5 pages with whatever craziness that comes to mind, then ship it off to the next person on the list. I am suggesting 10 people be involved and we each do 5 pages, twice around. Get it? In the end we all end up with our sketchbook back, but full of 9 other folks' work.

I need 10 people so comment that they want in and I will get some dates scheduled and get this ball rolling. I will even start a new blog for it that everyone involved can post to. If someone tells me how to do that. ;)

Come On, please! Steve? Mary? Ellen? Willie? Ammon? Johnnynorms? Anyone! Everyone!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

March 2008 Top 10

10 - Pentel Energel Pens
9 - The Mountain Goats - Heretic Pride
8 - Destroyer - Trouble In Dreams
7 - The Raconteurs
6 - Bjork
5 - Lara's scones
4 -
3 - lunch hour walks with the Ipod
2 - Mikuni's ~ pepper fin
1 - spending a week with my niece