Friday, December 21, 2007

BGD Final Holiday Giveaway of 2007

These BLUE pens will close out the giveaways for 2007. Everyone can enter for the final lot, even if you have already won once! What the heck.
In order to win, you have to tell me your personal favorite Big Gay Dragon doodle from 2007. I will chose a winner on December 27th, when I return to posting.
Until then, Merry Christmas!!


the heartful blogger said...

Gosh Andrea, this is hard. This is my shortlist of absolute favourites:

If I HAD to pick just one out of all of these as a favourite, I think I'd go for Sagaponack.

Looking back on all your work is inspiring! Looking forward to seeing what 2008 brings...

Ammon said...

Just because I know you can work this way despite your perfectionist tendencies.

ikkinlala said...

That's a tough question! Right now it's probably this one:

But I'm guessing it would change if you asked me tomorrow.

Happy holidays!

steve said...

Such a tough tough choice, but I'm going with "Birthday WEekend" 1/18/04

Merry Christmas A!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

My pens came today and I posted my first doodle with them on IMAGIK and my second piece on Detroit daily! THANKS! :-D


I used all three parts of the gift in the IMAGIK doodle.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I'm not as good at "doodles" as you are! :-(

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

It won't hurt a bit. I'm putting it down as my favorite, but in a way, it's a lie, because there are so many wonderful ones.

Andrea said...

It was really hard to choose a winner for this one. Y'all are all too kind, really! THANK YOU!!

I have decided to choose Ammon, because he makes me want to draw more realistically, and to be honest, that's a rarity for me.

Fear not to those of you who entered and did not win, I am going to do a monthly giveaway on one or more of my blogs; I’ve really enjoyed it.