Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Why would you dig down? ~ 6/25/07 ~ 9x12

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Gavin Furman said...

Hey Andrea,

I always look at your new (or old/new as the case may be)stuff on my dash when I sign in and I admire it and I was like. "Why the hell wouldn't I say so?" I think I've mentioned how I like what your titles add to the interpretation of the images. I could have just as easily posted this comment on most of your other work from "Ruined", or "I Couldn't Even Blow Out a Simple Match", to "Then Perhaps Nothing".
It's similar to me with how an evocative title shapes an understanding of an instrumental piece of music and the similarities that shares with abstract Art (Like the tape loop work by The Caretaker-- stuff like "All You're Going to Want to Do is Get Back There"). Do you usually have the title in mind as you're drawing or is it given afterwards?